• Kaki Mime

Personal Organizing During a Crisis

Right now we are undergoing #coronavirus and it has reminded me of how helpful and calming an organized home can be.

Just a few pieces of advice I have been implementing in my life:

Use baskets or containers to organize anything that isn't display-able. Keep things in the same category in the same basket.

Organize books into color-blocks and don't be afraid to get funky and lay them flat to add visual interest.

Paint your doorknob (or door) a bright, preferably glow in the dark color. It will help orient you if you wake up at night and for anyone with dizziness issues, it can help you stay balanced.

Keeping your floor clean will help prevent tripping at night. It will also help keep you stress- free as you prepare for sleep.

Please try to stay calm during these times. Everyone who is social distancing should ensure they have a calm, organized place to relax.

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